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Ultimate Beats Entertainment is the best place to find just that -- entertainment! Whether you are looking for St Louis wedding DJ entertainment, St Louis wedding lighting, St Louis photo booth rentals, St Louis event entertainment, or even the unique stylings of a live steel drum professional, Ultimate Beats has you covered. The customer service they provide is unmatched by any other DJ Service in the St Louis area. You are their top priority. Day or night, owner Martin will be there to answer any of your questions. With their convenient online booking and communication website, Ultimate Beats provides ease of connection and peace of mind so you know you are getting everything you can dream of and more to make your event the "Ultimate" experience.  

Martin Desriviere, owner of Ultimate Beats Entertainment, is the only professional steel drum performer in the St Louis area. He has the calypso style in his blood. Born and raised on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, the "pan" was part of his island's culture. His love and mastery of this unique instrument has allowed him to please crowds on multiple Caribbean islands, and ultimately perform for thousands of people in the cruise ship industry. Not only is his enjoyment of performing evident with a smile on his face, he has taken this joyous style of music to another level by integrating it into popular music of all genres. Whether it be Frank Sinatra, Lynyrd Skynyrd, or Bruno Mars, Martin can bring the island feel to any popular song. As a DJ, emcee, and master of the steel drum, Martin is able to provide the "Ultimate" entertainment experience with "Beats" that will surprise you. Check out St Louis Bride Magazine's 2021 Spring/Summer Issue to see him featured!

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